Raw Mouthwatering Cheesecake

Wake and bake. Except you don’t need an oven for this awesome cheesecake.

It’s a cheesecake, ” You’re so beautiful I want to love you down ” and across the universe kind of night.

Do you want to indulge and not make your tummy bulge? I ate 10 huge bites of this and I don’t feel guilty at all. No bloat, I did not feel like a balloon, it’s the perfect treat and you can still feel good without the result of a food coma. Plus it’s filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, and gives you more energy! (You can still look good and feel good). But obviously this is not an everyday treat. Is it good after a workout? Or to replace chips? Heck ya! This recipe is quick and easy. Luxurious decadence that burst in your mouth. Throw away that graham cracker crust.

Ah.. the health potential of indulging random chemicals in the body. Do you really need to buy commercial brand graham cracker crust? Why not take the time to make a healthy fun version of it shall we?

The wonderful part about this recipe is that there isn’t a lot of ingredients to it. You can switch it up and play around with it. If you hate dates then swap it with figs. Don’t like almonds? Use walnuts or sunflower seeds. Y’all chocolate lovers, perhaps try raw cacao? The kitchen is your lab and you are the food-scientist that does experiments with them healthy chemicals.

It is very simple all you need to do is leave your raw nuts soaking in water overnight and then toss them in a food processor or powerful blender or even a normal blender to smash them all up. If you don’t have any of that I approve that you can cheat for now and walk to your local Safeway/QFC/favorite grocery store that has an area where you can turn your nuts into nut butter.


Most people come up to me and say you can’t eat that much coconut oil it is bad for you! As long as you don’t have more than a two teaspoons a day you will be fine. Coconut oil has healthy enzyme properties that make you have faster bowel movements, lower body fat than olive oil, fights hunger, happy thyroids, and maintain low blood sugar levels.

Dates give you tons of energy and are rich in vitamin B (1,2,3 & 5) and A1, and C. They have dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, copper, and magnesium!

Nuts are a source of fat, but many nuts offer great benefits! Almonds have a ton of calcium and vitamin E, Cashews have iron, zinc, and magnesium, Chestnuts have vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, Pecans have oleic acid and Vitamin B6, Pistachios have Vitamin B6 and lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants that protect the eyes), walnuts are rich in omega-3s and aid against cancer, and all contain protein and fiber!


1/2 c. Medjool dates
1/2 c. Almonds or your other favorite nut here
pinch of  salt


2 c. cashews (soaked overnight)
juice of 2 medium lemons
1 vanilla bean
1 c. blackberries/strawberries/boooberrrrriess or whatever berry you are feeling
1/3 c. maple syrup (use honey or figs to make it raw)
1/3 c. coconut oil

Step by step instructions:

1) Toss the nuts in the food processor and blend/chop until they stick together on their own. Or be a cheater in the nut section at your favorite grocery store. Press the mixture and smack it to the bottom of the pan with your hands of the circular pan. Use one 8 inch pan or two 4 inch pans. (tiny cheesecakes are adorable!)

2) Warm up the coconut oil (I recommend using the stove) and mix with the maple syrup/sweetener you choose). Put the nuts, lemon juice and vanilla into the food processor with the sweetener/oil mixture and blend until it’s as smooth as possible. This may take a few minutes. You may use half of the mix and use half of the other mix with different ingredients as well. Even out the mixture in the pan. I put them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. You can skip this step, however, this will help individualize the layers.

3) Add your favorite fruits on top (I use blueberries) to your nut mix and blend until fully smooth. If you don’t have a blender I recommend tossing everything into a large bowl and smash everything in it. Pour this mixture on the top of the plain nut mix and even it out. Place the cake(s) back in the freezer until solid.
Let the cake sit out for at least 15 minutes before digging in! Bon appetite! 😊