Nighty Night.

Those Dark Lonely Moments…

Q: Maylee, I can’t find a reason to live.

A: I will give you a list of reasons I think life is beautiful and worth living and I encourage you to really really think super hard about what’s positive in your life and what you enjoy!!
A few of mine are: baby goats, forehead kisses, eye contact, cool interactions with strangers, when the sun makes your skin feel warm, annotating books that you read for pleasure, finding weird stuff at thrift shops, babies laughing, complimenting other people, full moons, picnics, lake swimming, summer skin and wild hair, wearing a new outfit you really like, driving with the windows down and listening to a new mix tape, ripe perfect mangoes, soft grass/sand under your feet, watermelon on the Fourth of July, kittens and puppies, hugging my mom, writing/receiving letters, helping homeless people, lighting incense in my car on road trips, watching my hair grow, walking on fresh snow, staying up all night just to talk to someone you love….. I could go on! You have to find joy in little things and know that life is Yours!! You can change your entire life right now if you want to- please stick around with me!

Q: What makes you happy? List your top 30 ideas that makes you happy?


~Buddha & Affirmations/ my spiritual life is the #1 crucial element of my happiness
~When I make my friends happy
~My family and knowing they are alive and well down in Cambodia
~My sweet baby bunny
~baby goats … baby any animal really but baby goats are the best
~When the sun is out and the weather is so nice !!
~Buzzing after a good yoga/meditation session
~Perfectly ripe mangoes
~Dates (dried fruit)
~Mountains !!
~Sleeping in my hammock
~Driving for an insane amount of hours and feeling so weird
~Cool vegan restaurants/products
~When someone tells me I inspired them to go vegan
~When you’re super into a book and you can’t stop reading
~Concerts/festivals/big groups of people
~Thriftin and finding really strange clothes
~Drinking tea
~Meeting odd humans in new cities
~Kind email messages :’)
~Teaching health and fitness!
~Assisting a birth! – this one makes me so in AWE of life
~Deep conversations that are mutually respectful and end positively
~People that sing in public
~People watching !!
~Roller derby!!
~Getting a new tattoo
~Stick n poking pals
~Cooking for other people
~When you meet someone and they say “I’m a hugger” and hug you