Why you should be happy being single on Valentine’s Day

~If any of you ever find someone who kisses every inch of your body so delicately that you fall into a semi-deep bliss then I suggest you hold onto that person. Because the chances of finding another living soul that graces your body with the love radiating off of their lips are incredibly rare. ~You never see adults with hickeys. Is it because they’ve perfected their technique or because they’re not having any fun 😦 ~I’m gonna break your little heart, watch you take a fall laughing all the way to the hospital. ~The breakup that sends you chemical behaviors that makes you feel miserable and weak to let go of attachment. Heartache, indifference, values, concerns, reproduction, perfection in order for the other person to love you, couples addicted with fulfillment who will break up, in an instant, while they both desire each other.


These are my love notes. This holiday dates back to the 15th century, to honor Saint George, wherein men give red roses to women, but that does not end with that. In return, women should give a book to their sweethearts to honor the day of books, and at the same time the day of roses. Accordingly the saying, “A rose for love and a book forever.”  These charismatic verses are very greatly sincerer than coarsely saying, “I love you.” As roses and paperbacks signify the marriage of affection and wisdom, and they don’t take place in a particular day and be ignored the next day. They last long, and don’t expire right away.


Longing love can picture me as a desirable being. I recognize this, that’s why love can be described in a more truthful way as the longing of being favored. Thus the everlasting problematic of love: how to develop and endure desirable? Love is a poisoning investment. Certainly, our consumer humanity is fundamentally grounded on slaughtering abundance. It is believed about this consumption that our era is materialistic. Falsely accurate! We only gather things in command to speak with other people. We do it to build the love vibration, to have our significant other pay attention to us. Nothing could be excluding money-oriented, or more romantic, than a youngster purchasing brand new denims and splitting them at the knees, because he wants to desire Betty Boop. Consumerism is not materialism. It is rather what is absorbed and forgo in the label God of love, or relatively in the name of drawing power of wealth.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single:

1) Host a campfire at Golden Gardens and invite both male and female friends to celebrate the holiday together

2) Listen to love songs, watch old romantic movies and cry salty tears into their popcorn, but I don’t recommend it

3) A walk down any crowded public thoroughfare, enjoying Mother Nature’s wildlife

4) A Glad Tiding to passing cuddling couples creates more than two smiles

5) Exercise and refresh your mood

6) Playing golf and closing deals

7) Go on multiple dates, dates, and dates again. OMG free food for the ladies.

8) Portland has a cuddle con going on

9) Pick your poison: glass of wine or beer at liberty!

10) Buy a dog

11) Get a tattoo

12) Buy everything

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If you are in a relationship:

1) Tell your loved one three reasons why you care for her

2) Ask her three wishes you can grant to become a better man for her. (The events following that are private.)

3) Buy a shit ton of food and stuff your faces until both of you couldn’t move and have awesome _______ after, so you know the usual

4) Doing a walk at a museum, home cooked meal, and Netflix

5) Hike and picnic Sit back and relax. Valentine’s day is a commercialized “holiday” that really is just another excuse for companies to make money. If you’re single on a Valentine’s Day, so what? Go take your mom out to dinner or your best friend. Or sit at home and stuff your face. Or just don’t give a flying f***. That’ll save you A LOT of money. Don’t over think it but if you really like chocolate, wait until the day after Valentine’s Day to get that 50% off chocolate and don’t forget to share!