Living Small is an Increase for Happiness

 Had you been informed? 

Americans have about three times the amount of space we did in the early 50s. Three times. 

This post was inspired by my fellow Washingtonian friends–our homes is in our backyards.



There are more trees being cut down, forests, parks being built by a 22 billion-dollar, 2.2 billion sq. ft.: for personal belongings. We are using three times more and have turned in to expert spenders that we need even more storage space.


More space and more things is this truly happiness?

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 07 Feb 2015 at 05:31:27 AM GMT


Debt, huge natural resources and harmful gas production arises, and surprisingly our happiness levels stayed over the same within the last 50 years. 


Living small might actually equal more.


I guarantee you that some point in our lives we have lived small and that did not change the level of our happiness: college -dorm/small studio, traveling – a hotel room, camping — overall nothing, maybe a boat. Whichever experiment you gone through that is small, I guarantee you that compared to spacey luxury items, this inherited you an increase in more freedom, an increase in productivity and time. I recommend that less stuff and less space are going to equal a smaller worry. It’s a fantastic way to budget your money and save you thousands of dollars every year! As a bonus, it’s going to give you a little more ease in your life.



Smaller space is shrinking your utilities — save some more money, but also a smaller footprint. It’s your own virtual reality to be a designer and edit your top possessions— your favorite stuff — and really designed only you.


How in the world are you going to live small? 

I read that the number one reason for fights in relationships is over money. If we were to make do with a small amount, be thrifty, and honor the other person over money I think that people would be a lot happier! Material possessions are really pointless when you think about it. We are only on this earth for a moment really, why does it matter if you have a huge house? Do you really need 5 bedrooms when most of the time we come home to sleep? Expensive clothes? Different colors of the same sweater? Do you really need thirty pairs of shoes? A shiny car? You could have a humble small-medium sized home big enough to buy food and invite dear friends over to eat with you, use the extra money to bless other people, and to pass the love on to others.

Spending time with family is important and you should spend all the time you can with the ones you love! Tell them you love them and do everything that your heart desires while you’re here. I recommend you to watch the movie called “I AM” it’s all about this and the documentary TINY Homes available also on Netflix and here.


Three main points. First of all, you have to edit your posessions. WE must delete and detox the shiznits out of our lives. And that sweater that I hadn’t worn in years? It’s time for me to give it away. We’ve got to cut the extraneous out of our lives, and we’ve got to learn to keep only the best of the best. We need to think before we spend. Ask ourselves, “Is that really going to make me happier in the long term? Are you sure?” Overall, we should spend and own some awesome things. But we want things that we’re going to love for years, not just garbage. 

Secondly, our new trend: small is pleasing. We want eco friendly space that’s productive. We want things that are objectively for using most of the time, not just for temporary happiness. Why have a six burner stove when you rarely use three?


So we want things that are stackable/collection/upgrade, we want things that have a variety of options, and we want it techie. You can take fire and burn your whole house and it’s all gone. 

We want multifunctional spaces and upgraded houses — an office table turns into a bed, dining table to a bed, sink attached to a toilet, — same space, 4K tv to a wall, a little side table.


I’m not announcing we all need to live in a 100 square feet house. The benefits of editing your things and space. Go from 3,000 to 2,000, from 1,500 to 1,000. Most of us, are very happy for a bunch of days with a couple of bags, maybe a small space, a hotel room. When you go home realize and ask yourself “Can I make adjustments to edit my possessions? Would that increase my productivity and maybe an increase on freedom? Maybe a little more time?”

What’s in the luggage? It doesn’t matter. I know I don’t need it. What’s in yours? Maybe, just maybe, less might equal more. So let’s make room for only the awesome things.