Author: luminouszest

Dear You, * Flow with me * Everyday life seems to flash more instant and everything seems to be delayed. I know you feel it too. Life hasn’t become more easier…it’s become a monster that we are chased by. You commute land to land, connect us to every individual, mend us when we’re weak, and yet we haven’t conquered you. We rely on you too much. When all the lights go out we no longer know what to do. We have lost the ability to function without you. Oh my dear friend it seems that we, mankind, have become a part of you. Stop. Look around. We have left our symbiotic soul and walked into host-parasite relationship, you know who is who. What are we to do? Use our heads? Do I even know how to do that anymore…wait let me Google that. Didn’t work, let me ask Siri. Teach, Learn, Share~ There are many planes and optics, and they do not negate each other. Contradiction only occurs from the standpoint of a fixed perspective. The same object can be viewed simultaneously from various perspectives, all simultaneously ‘true’. The Luminouszest Project is for people who are interested in a variety of topics either professionally to gain more knowledge for their business or job, or personally to plan a dream vacation at unique high-end, health/wellness promoting and socio-environmentally responsible retreats with catered experiences including personalized health-retreat programs, exclusive locations, special accommodations, exceptional local cuisine, and outstanding service. I hope you enjoy reading, and feel free to contact me at to collaborate one on one. Your Life Coach, Maylee Lim P.s. Let’s go back to the beginning. Back to simplicity. Could we do that?