21 Days Coffee Phase

We all go through phases in our lives right? The day I turned 21 I sipped on coffee for the very first time and I threw up. That is also the very first day when I got my first boyfriend, first kiss, first taste of alcohol, first high, first time I drove a vehicle, first everything!!! Every individual I know already did their first share of trouble making years before they turned 21. Me? I’m behind on life. We all hear “It takes 21 days to form a new habit” says Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Good morning Coffee, I have decided to give you another espresso shot even though I am a caffeine free tea addict. For 21 days after my morning ritual, I drank pure drip coffee (no whip, no cream, no sugar, etc.) Everyday was a different type of coffee for a full list I drank each day click here. Side effects (the somewhat good and the bad. But mostly horrifying). The FIRST 3 DAYS: Coffee has made my morning lighten up in a way. I see the world clearer, more vivid, colors are more vibrant, my vision got clearer, and the high definition sound of everyday life. Unfortunately, this high lasted for only seven minutes. Right after I drank my coffee before my workout I felt extremely hyper! All charged up and pumped for my bike and step class. I biked and ran faster than my personal record and it was painful. Caffeine made me overwork my body to the fullest. It looked like I just got out of the shower… I sweated 10X more than I used to. Have you heard that intaking caifeine before a workout helps you burn more calories? I have lost four pounds, I feel fuller during this coffee experiment. I felt super tired after my workout than I normally would without coffee. This was a huge crash. Bad side is that thinking I am hydrated, my pee is yellow!?? I have to drink more 20 more ounces of water than I usually would. I still sleep deeply, but my bed time is now 2:00am. DAY FOUR: After downing coffee within 3 minutes I still feel energized and born with chinky rice eyes, coffee force me to open my eyes bigger. (My eyes want to be shut, I was tired). Eyes are a little dry. I have been more moody and I get sensitive easily. Coffee made me want to kill people and cut people’s heads off. (JK! You know what I mean 🙂 ) So yes, drinking a cup of joe everyday will motivate you to do work and get things done. Downside, is that I can see how it is an addiction problem for most people because I feel the need to must have coffee. I felt like I’m on a crazy drug. Most Japanese people drink one gallon of Green Tea everyday. Comparing Western culture and other countries, coffee is highly popular in the US. I rather stick with a gallon of caffeine/non caffeinated tea everyday than coffee. Coffee does lower your appetite. The common ritual is dessert and coffee to prevent us from over eating on sweets. Coffee beans do have antioxidants and increases bowel movements. Conclusion: Closer to the last day of my coffee experiment I started to build a higher tolerance. I no longer see vivid vibrant colors compared to the first three days. When you drink coffee everyday the effects are not as strong as doing it once awhile. Your body builds a tolerance just like alcohol for example. Life is about moderation. Will I drink coffee again? Probably not. It made me cranky. Back to unhealthy amounts of tea.



  1. It’s fascinating to me how widely tolerances can vary between individuals. Here, I drink 12 cups of coffee a day and sometimes as late as 7:00 at night and it doesn’t really get me too freaky and I can even go off it for a day or two and not turn into an owl-eyed ogre with a severe case of the shakes.


  2. I like that you see coffee as the drug that it is 🙂 I am a hopeless addict. trying to wean myself off coffee through decaf and lots of green tea. 🙂


  3. Wow! I only do one cup of coffee in the morning (mostly because I like the taste of it), and I don’t find it bothers me too much. I also don’t drink soda, and only occasionally have tea in the afternoon, but that’s it, so I don’t tend to get the jitters at night.

    I wish I could drink green tea more often! I am mildly allergic to it, and I’ll break out in hives if I drink more than one cup a day – such a bummer!


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